Why Wander Africa?

Well, who wouldn’t want to Wander Africa? 

Wander Africa fulfills your dream of experiencing Africa. We want you to feel Africa from within, by witnessing the culture, the climate, the wildlife, the various ecosystems, and all the beauty that Africa has to offer.


With over half a century of experience within the family, we have been able to expand our network across the great continent, where we only work with and offer the most outstanding service in the industry.


All we want to do is share our love of Africa with you, so you can cultivate your own story. A story of beauty, culture, joy, wilderness, spirituality, and to witness the deep healing properties that embody Africa.


Here are a few more reasons for why Wander Africa is for you:

  • Our founder is a 3rd generation Kenyan, raised in the safari industry with over 13 years experience.
  • We offer a free consultation and will work with you and your budget.
  • Each experience we create is unique, we want to design your safari around you.
  • We are approachable and accessible.
  • We contribute to wildlife conservations around Kenya and encourage contributions to organizations that prioritize welfare for wildlife, the local communities and anti-poaching.
  • We have relationships with all the properties we work with.
  • We believe in getting to know each one of our guests and welcoming them into the Wander Africa Family.
  • We do everything we can to best serve the wildlife, the culture, the climate, and the preservation of our lands.


Simply put: We blend our LOVE for Africa, with your hunger to explore it!


Now, we want to welcome you to the Wander Africa Family, so call us or email us and let us do your planning, so you can do the discovering!

Our Founder
& Safari Man 

Jay Parmar

Jay got his start in the safari business in 2008 while he was a full-time college student. Referrals to Jay and his side business grew year-after-year, which led him to quit his job in real estate investments in late 2016 to focus solely on the growth and development of his passion – Wander Africa.


As a 3rd generation Kenyan, Jay called Los Angeles, California his home for 13 years before moving to Asheville, NC. His father co-founded one of Kenya’s oldest and best-known Safari outfitters in the early 70’s. That company still exists today. Jay spent his life shadowing his father and joining him on hundreds of safaris through the years, which is what contributed to his deep-rooted passion for wildlife, photography and the tourism industry today.


Jay believes in personally talking to, meeting, and developing a relationship with his guests. He makes it a point to learn about their interests and individual personalities to design an experience specifically suited for them.


Through decades of years in the industry within the family, Jay has remained friends with and met some of the most important players in the African hospitality industry today.


Contact: Jay@wander-africa.com


Brandi Parmar

As the Director of Operations, Brandi got the travel bug upon meeting Jay in 2014. Since then, they have explored the country together, and visited several other countries around the world, with her favorite being Kenya, of course!


Brandi is a Registered Nurse having worked in Intensive Care, and most recently in Labor and Delivery. She simultaneously assists with the day to day running of Wander Africa. Her attention to detail, patience, ability to absorb new information and meticulous organizational skills are an asset to the company.


As the company expands, Brandi plans to obtain a Yoga Teacher Certification and hopes to expand yoga retreats throughout Africa.


Contact: Brandi@wander-africa.com

Private Safari Guide
& Tracker

Andreas Fox

Andreas Fox grew up in Kenya and has been organizing and guiding trips since he was a teenager. His insatiable desire to learn more took him to South Africa to join a wildlife research project. In his five years there, monitoring and conserving predators, elephants, and rhinos, he ended up running the project as well as managing three different research sites across South Africa. That in-depth knowledge, exposure to ecology, and animal behavior helped him work his way up the FGASA guiding qualifications in his spare time.


Andreas loves wilderness guiding, immersion into an ecosystem on foot. Now a fully qualified Level 3 Trails Guide, Andreas safely tracks and approaches Africa’s wildlife on foot with his guests, whenever possible. Andreas is known for his holistic interpretations, giving guests a deep insight into an animal’s behavior, role in their environment and their conservation.


As one of East Africa’s best and most qualified guides, Andreas divides his time between guiding guests on bespoke trips all across sub-Saharan Africa, environmental writing, training aspiring guides, and helping some of East Africa’s best lodges keep their guiding teams up to scratch.


Andreas and our founder (Jay) spent their last year of high school as classmates, and after several years of losing touch, found themselves reconnected through their common love for Africa and its wilderness.


Wildlife Conservation/Safari Curator (Maui)/“Mother of Elephants”

Cindy Walker

Cindy is an LA native currently living on the beautiful island of Maui with her husband and their rescue dog. From working in the Music Industry for over 13 years, almost a decade as an Artist Coordinator for Atlantic Records, to working in high-end Fashion Retail Management, Cindy still found time to educate herself about Africa and its wildlife.


Her passion for wildlife and love for elephants has earned her the nickname “Mother of Elephants” among her fellow Maui residents, a title she holds lovingly!  She loves to educate people about the beauty, wildlife, cultures, and issues facing Africa today!


Cindy not only talks the talk but walks the walk! She is a foster mom to orphaned elephants and rhino at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. She was Co-Administrator for a Facebook group called The Wildlife Guardians, an action-oriented group which legislated for the US Ivory Ban, passed in Hawaii last year. She actively signs petitions, legislates for Wildlife trafficking issues, creates tweet storms, supported the March For Elephants in Washington D.C., raised funds to donate to Wildlife Rangers and uses social media to raise awareness of the poaching crisis facing elephants and rhinos in Africa.


When Cindy was asked, “why Wander Africa?” She responded:
“I find such joy in sharing my experiences about Africa so why not make those experiences come to life for others? To be able to introduce people to a luxurious, once in a lifetime safari experience, would be a dream come true. I truly believe introducing people to our natural world is a benefit for the entire world!”


So, there you have it! An island living, animal loving, “Mother of Elephants” who is living her dream of sharing Africa with all of you, while making a positive impact for Africa’s wildlife, wilderness, and Rangers!


Contact: Cindy@wander-africa.com