Wander Africa | About Us
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About Us

Wander Africa is a family owned and operated boutique safari company, specializing in luxurious tailor made safaris to East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda) and Southern Africa. The Wander Africa family has been in the safari business since 1972 and has served thousands of clients through the years. Their success is attributed to the dedication and passion for the business and the immense satisfaction that comes with serving their clients and contributing to making their safari as unique as the clients themselves.


Building and maintaining relationships is part of the company’s mantra, where 85% of their business derives from referrals and recommendations. Getting to know the client and learning what they want is the best part of the process as it makes for a more personal and enjoyable safari booking experience.


The company has a base in Nairobi, Kenya and several partners across East and Southern Africa, India and Dubai.


Wander Africa looks forward to creating your next safari adventure.